Impact the world by offering innovative solutions to today’s earth wise and energy conscious green movement.

Saguaro LED Lights is the sales, marketing and manufacturing face for j-Factor optimized products, which was established to create innovative technology solutions for LED lights.

The j-Factor is an  intelligent power management device for LED lights. The j-Factor improves LED lighting energy efficiency; our lights go beyond the standard and have unique competitive advantages that ensure an excellent return on investment and lower cost of ownership of any LED lights in the market.

Partners and founders Dwaine Halberg and Clint Fruitman created Saguaro Materials Research in Phoenix, 2010. The company’s main focus was chemical based consumables for the silicon wafer and semi-conductor industries. They brought in long time friend and digital circuit design expert Ken Swinehart and combined, their over 80 years collective experience in science, engineering and mechanics focused completely on the development of j-Factor.

Constant innovation and extensive research into LED lighting control system components gave the development of j-Factor it’s energy savings and unique competitive advantage for LED lighting. The transition from development to sales and production now is in process, to fully recognize the LED market the new company formed.



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