About The Product

GroCelerator is a low-energy LED grow light. This powerful tool emits red and blue frequencies to target the maximum absorbance of most indoor plants. It is also the most energy efficient LED system on the market.

With our patent pending j-Factor technology*, we are able to conserve energy while providing high output from the light source. We’ve combined this with GroCelerator, providing plants with the energy needed to grow.

GroCelerator uses patterns of light, these patterns stimulate rapid growth in the plant by “exercising” and “stimulating” the natural ability of the plant. We can achieve a more rapid and full growth cycle that provides a high yield. This has been found to provide plants with the necessary amount of light needed for maximal growth, and also low energy cost for growing.

We’ve created a long lasting, energy saving LED grow light with over 50,000 hours of use.

The Next Frontier of Lighting Efficiency, by Dan Sackett

“Light is the energy necessary for plants to grow. For the indoor gardener then, supplying light represents a major cost associated with cultivation. Traditional lighting methods such as fluorescent, metal halide (MH), or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps waste significant amounts of wattage supplied to them in the form of heat to produce an adequate quantity of photons at the proper energies (wavelengths). This ‘oversaturated’ method of photon-supply is also found outdoors underneath the Sun.” Read more…



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