j-Factor Retrofit

Jfactor OptimizedThe j-Factor Retrofit is a all in one solution to upgrading your existing HID or HPS lights to energy efficient LEDs. Our Retrofit is different than others, while other LED retrofit’s make you find a place to mount the driver and possibly the LED, using the j-Factor Retrofit it’s as easy as removing your existing components and sliding the j-Factor Retrofit into the existing glass holder and connecting 3 wires.

Using this method we can configure retrofit for most existing Shoe Box or Cobra Head lights other light style are also possible on a case by case basis, light output ranges from 20 – 240 watts.



  • Reduces electrical cost by up to 60% (based on 100W HID VS j-Factor 200W retrofit).
  • Programmed to reduce start up surge current (electrical spike).
  • Can be configured with dusk to dark ramping as well as late night/early morning dimming to decrease electrical consumption.
  • Installs easily within minutes in existing fixtures.
  • Works with existing photo sensor.
  • Components removed from existing lights can provide additional revenue.
  • Compatible with 110-277 VAC
  • Can be configured with a variety of beam angles to reduce light pollution.
  • Available in 4 color temperatures (3K-warm white, 4K-general work lighting, 5K-daylight & 6K-cool white).


  • Monthly electrical savings of up to 60% or more over conventional lamps with minimal investment.
  • Lower overall purchase cost than new LED lamps.
  • Low upfront cost and financing through shared electricity savings provide a short term ROI.


  • Customized configurations available.
  • Custom programming available.

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kelvin scale of color temp



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