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j-Factor – the j is for “joule” a unit of electrical energy, it is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule (1818–1889).

Our patent-pending j-Factor technology is an intelligent energy management device for LED lights, it is a low voltage DC powered device, which can save up to 35% more energy over a standard driver powered LED. The j-Factor technology can be applied to most LED lights, weather those lights run off of AC or DC power supply, it is capable of handling loads of up to 60VDC @ 10A. Independent verification of the j-Factor on battery power lights shows a significant battery life increase of 69% over non j-Factor LED lights.

The j-Factor fits between the driver (power supply) and the LED Module to manage the energy used by the LED, this is unique among device manufacturers of LED drivers, in this way we can use the high efficiency drivers to optimize their power output and reduce the draw from the LED module. All drivers are not created equal, in operation most LED drivers treat the LED similar to a standard light, claiming large efficiency gains. LED lights lower electrical consumption, by using a low cost/quality driver you can reduce the efficiency and shorten life. The j-Factor optimizes electrical usage, coupled with high quality drivers, large electrical reduction and extended life can be achieved.

j-Factor Optimized LED’s by Saguaro LED Lights may include

Light Trailers
Solar Light Trailers
Retrofit For Powered Light Trailers
Retrofit LED Lighting for Public or Commercial
Cobra Head Street Lights
Shoebox Street or Parking Lot Lights
Other decorative lights – check for availability
Grow Lamps
GroCelerator by Saguaro LED Lights


Programmed features

Our unique ramping of the LED reduces the instant on Surge current other LED, HPS and HID lights exhibit.
Ramp time can be controlled, for Light Trailers approx 45 seconds to full brightness.
For Public Lighting from minutes to hours depending upon your area with our Dusk to Dark feature.
Compensation for seasonal change can be make for ramp time.
Late Night dimming can be configured at a specified hour based on your requirements to save energy in the late night hours.
GroCelerator systems have fixed on variable blinking for enhanced plant growth.
Thermal control
By monitoring the LED temp we can dim the light modules to prevent overheating and extend the life of the LED.
Fan control

Optionally some LED lights may have cooling fans, in the case we can control the fan speed based on thermal conductivity.
Programming available for several different protocols

Hardware Features

Relatively small footprint approx. 3″ x 2.5″ x 1″.
Handles 12 – 18 gauge wire for input/output.
Runs on DC power from 12 – 60V.
Current capability up to 10A.
Connection for industry standard LM35 Thermal sensor.
Connection for 3 wire fan with PWM for fan speed control.
Integrated DS3231 real time clock with battery backup.

How to Buy

j-Factor’s are available as a standalone module which can be integrated into your existing LED lights, please contact us for application support. j-Factor Optimized LED lights are available in the listed applications through one of our Distributors, please contact us for your local representative or for OEM integration.



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